Board & Feed


Hay & Grain is fed 3 times a day. Watering is done at feedings/as needed. Stalls are cleaned 7 days a week. Board is $500 per month. We offer several stall sizes to meet your horse's needs. The main barn has 10'x10' stalls that each have an outdoor window that is opened weather permitting so your horse can hang his head out. We also have limited amounts of 10'x16' stalls for the larger built horse, pregnant mare, or allergy affected horse. These stalls are in adjacent buildings. ALL stalls are equipped with their own light and outlet for a heated bucket.














Turnout is 7 days a week weather permitting. New fencing installed in 2015/2016. Turnout is done in groups in grass pastures or can be done in individual paddocks upon request. During winter months large square bales are placed in pastures. Horses will not be turned out on holidays.You are welcome to turn your horse out on these days but you are responsible for bringing them back in. Pastures are re-seeded every spring so grass always comes back green and lush.